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Plus Size Swim Wear & Bathing Suit Fashions: What Styles Will Flatter a Fuller, Curvy Figure?


Plus Size Skirtini Fashions

  The skirtini is a recent advance on the ordinary bathing suit, and plus size women who want to have fun in the sun are choosing the skirtini style over skimpier suits. Skirtinis are available in a range of top styles; you can choose a tank top, a halter or even a traditional bikini bra. But the bottom of the skirtini is always a skirt; sometimes mid-thigh in length, sometimes shorter. If you feel self-conscious about wearing tiny bathing suit bottoms or if you want to minimize the tops of your thighs, the skirtini is a natural choice. For emphasis on your bustline or pretty shoulders, wear a skirtini with a bikini-style top, and for an extra slimming look, a flat-front skirtini is the right choice.
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Plus Size Tankini Swim Suits

  The classic tankini replaces the bikini bra with a higher-coverage tank style top instead. For plus size or middle-aged swimmers who don't have six-pack abs, the tankini is a wonderful thing; you can go into the water or lie by the pool without worrying about your midriff. Tankinis are also ideal for fair-skinned women who want to minimize sun exposure of the delicate stomach region, but who still want to play in the water. The tankini works when you want to place emphasis on your legs without baring too much skin; you can show off the curve of your knees and ankles while keeping your top under wraps.
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Women's Plus Swim Dresses

  A swim dress can be convenient if you want to maximize coverage without shopping for separates. But you have to be careful when choosing a swim dress: don't get so caught up in covering up that you neglect to put your best features on display. A swim dress should have a beautiful top or an excellent skirt, or it's nothing more than a bag. Look for surplice wrapped bodices or an asymmetric skirt to put the focus on waist or leg. A plunging or 50's-style halter top suits most women's figures, too. Don't fall prey to the idea that all swimwear should be in black, and never settle for huge, tropical flowers unless you really like them. Plus size women can have pretty, appealing swimwear: you just have to look for it.
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Tummy Control One Pieces

  If you have pretty legs, a nice waistline or an excellent bustline, a one piece bathing suit may be just right for you. There are so many styles, it's difficult to choose the best, so you have to decide what image you'd like to project. Do you want to look like a 50's bathing beauty, or an up-to-the-minute swimwear fashionista? Retro style one piece swimsuits might have a straight front panel across the upper leg instead of the body-suit type of suit we've seen since the '70s. Look for a side ruching or a wrapped or halter top to create curves, or spaghetti straps to show off your shoulders and upper arms. Long waisted women beware: sometimes it's difficult to find a one piece suit that's long enough in the torso: you might want to try swim separates.
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Swim Separates & Cover-ups


Swim separates are one of the great advances in fashion of the age. Especially if you have trouble finding a single suit that hides your flaws and makes the most of your beauty, choosing to buy swimwear separates makes sense. And if you like to spend a lot of time in the sun and the water, swim separates can help you create a swimwear wardrobe filled with matching and coordinated items. Start with a maillot in your favorite color; next, add a skirtini bottom for parties on the beach. Matching tank and bikini tops, surf shorts and a pareo for covering up on a cool night complete your swimwear wardrobe and give you eight different swimsuit options!
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Plus Size Two Piece Shortinis


A plus size shortini is a great suit for any full figured woman looking to cover larger hips and thighs. This type of swimwear is also great for outdoor water activities since this suit will not ride up your behind. This swim suit style is also easy to fit body types that are different sizes on the top and bottom since the two pieces can be purchased separatly if necessary.
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